When a person has multiple missing and broken down teeth, dentures are sometimes necessary.  A good fitting, natural looking denture may take multiple appointments to fabricate.  With a complete denture case, the dentures are usually first made, then an oral surgeon removes the remaining teeth and seats the denture.  Dr. Isakson then adjusts the fit as needed.  A reline of the denture is usually done six months later to compensate for the bone shrinkage which follows tooth loss.

When there are several solid, strong teeth remaining, a partial denture is a good alternative.  It can attach to the remaining teeth and provide better stability and a sensation of knowing when your teeth touch, a sensation which may be reduced with a complete denture.

Implants can also be used in conjunction with complete or partial dentures.  The denture may snap onto connectors on the implants, or it may actually be semi-permanently connected to the implants with screw attachments.

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